Monday, April 25, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures and Blogger Sighting!

So, this is what happens when my son and I play with the magnetic letters on the fridge.  We were trying to use as many of the letters as possible, and this is what we came up with.  We had a good laugh about it, but sometimes I wonder how my kids will ever have any decorum!!

The kids and I made a trip to Whole Foods on Friday.  While we were there I picked up some organic strawberries (pictured on the left).  The next day I bought some more strawberries (pictured on the right) at the grocery store, non-organic this time.  I had to laugh at the startling difference between the two.  Good grief, are the strawberries on the right what we've come to expect?!

After a week of making some very so-so meals (think boxed mac-n-cheese or scrambled eggs for dinner), Saturday night I made grilled asian-marinated salmon, sauteed spinach with tomatoes and onions and toasted pine nut couscous.  It was pretty darn yummy, if I do say so myself.

The kids set out their baskets for the Easter bunny, and they thought Jeremy and I should have ours out too.  You know, because we need the candy.

My son spent a good portion of Saturday evening looking out the window for the Easter bunny...I thought it was pretty sweet.

My daughter thought she should lay out a "cot" for the Easter bunny.  She figured he/she must get pretty tired hopping all over the world all night long, and might want to take a rest.  Our dog, Penny, thought it was pretty comfy.

After I took a picture of my son looking out the window, my daughter wanted to make sure I took a picture of her too.  What a ham.

On Saturday night, my husband turned our kitchen into a brewery.  I think he was in heaven.  I, on the other hand, thought it made the house very, very, VERY stinky.

All that brewing stuff takes up a lot of space.

Hmmmm.  Looks...yummy?

Somehow, I neglected to take any pictures on Easter.  I did, however, let my son snap a few shots.  I guess this is what happens when you let your almost-five-year-old son use the camera.

While I didn't take any pictures of our Easter meal, here's the leftover roasted asparagus (and some leftover salmon) that I put on my salad for lunch today.  It was gooood.
Saturday morning's run was so awesome!  My friend Karen and I ran 7 miles, and we both felt really good.  It was cloudy and cool, and not too windy for once--perfect running weather.  Her Garmin said we'd gone as fast as 6:28 during the run (probably on a downhill and for like 15 seconds, but still!), and our last half mile was at a 6:58 pace.  WHAT?!  That's definitely the fastest I've ever run, and it was even at a slight incline.  Pretty excited about that.  We also got passed by a local cycling club during our run.  I wish I'd had my camera with me because near the back of the pack of cyclists were three guys on roller blades!  That's a new one...

So, I think I've mentioned that Jim from 50...after 40 and Michael from Slowly Tri-ing live in the same town as I do.  A while back I realized that Jim and I also go to the same gym, and I wondered if we'd ever actually run into each other.  I go to the gym at pretty odd times, so I wasn't sure if our paths would ever cross.  But, he said if I ever saw him to rip out his earbuds and say hello.  Well, I didn't exactly rip his earbuds out, but I did say hello when I realized who he was today.  It was great to be able to congratulate him in person on his awesome Boston Marathon finish (PR!), and we got to talk for a few minutes about some local races.  He gave me some good advice on the Hospital Hill (10K) race that's coming up in June--I appreciated that.  And, I was able to send my good wishes to Michael who's running a half in Oklahoma this weekend.  So cool!

So, it was fun to meet Jim, but here are a couple reasons why Jim might think I'm a dork now:

1.  When discussing how he and his daughter had done the Groundhog Run (a KC race run in underground tunnels) last year, I asked "so, when is the Groundhog Run?"  He very patiently and politely said "Groundhog Day".  Hmmm, yes, that would explain calling it the Groundhog Run...good grief.

2.  It's possible that I may have had a booger hanging out of my nose while we were talking.

3.  There was something else dorky that I did or said, that my brain is now blocking out.

Anyway, it was good to meet you, Jim!
Today's run was on the treadmill.  It's actually been a while since I've run on the treadmill.  It was a good opportunity for me to work a bit on speed.  I was able to do three separate 8 minute miles.  PHEW.  It was pretty tough, and I was sweating to beat the band.  (Did I mention that I looked like a drowned rat when I ran into Jim?  I don't even want to THINK about how I smelled.)  And, while I was able to run the three 8 minute miles, I did take some short walk breaks in between.  I'd love to get to where I could string these together and run a 5K in under 25:00.

Well, it's time to pack the lunches!  Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!


  1. So cool you got to meet some fellow bloggers! :) Love the picture of the easter baskets lined up. And brewing..this looks like fun!! And stinky and messy! :)

  2. Well Jim didn't say anything about you being a dork - so I think you are ok :) I think it's funny that you put out your Easter baskets - like stockings I guess. It makes total sense but was never a tradition in our house. Our Easter bunny always just used bowls from the cabinet.

  3. How fun you got to meet Jim, despite the possible 'hanger on'! Your Easter looks that cot! : D

  4. Ha, no worries ... I didn't think anything of it, but did you know there are actually New Years Day races that are held on, get this ... New Year's Day!!! Huh, what are the odds? Just kidding - it was very nice to meet you and I'm sure we'll bump into each other again at some point! Have a great day!

  5. You are too funny. What fun to meet Jim!

    Those strawberries--wow! What a contrast. Kind of scary.

  6. That's awesome! I would love to meet Jim and Michael!
    I know a local blogger that goes to my gym, too - but I haven't run into her yet. It will probably be some awkward moment like one of us getting out of the shower in the locker room or something. YIKES! How's that for on-line meeting reality??

  7. Fun blogger meet-up! Love the cot set up for the easter bunny...too cute!

  8. OK-salmon and couscous looks TDF!

    My hubby would love to turn our house into a brewery! Fun on the blogger meet-up! I met a few bloggers in Boston last year! I didn't have a booger hanging out of my nose but I had a monster crater on my chin which is almost as embarrassing! Note to self-do not eat a CRAP diet during marathon taper when you are about to meet new friends.....ha!

    Great job on the run! Sounds like a good confidence booster! I don't think a 25 minute 5K would be very far off for you AT ALL. Especially in a race atmosphere! Glad you had a good Easter!

  9. That salmon looks amazing and your kids are hilarious. Aahh sometimes I think it would be nice to be a kid again.

  10. Your kids are adorable. I love how you do the baskets. Salmon sounds so delicious right now! And meeting Jim...sounds like a great past few days!

  11. blogger meet ups are the best!!

    i feel like when I can find local fruit it's usually bigger and tastier than the stuff at whole foods

  12. Yay! For meeting up with Jim and Michael! How fun!

    I love that you have your kiddos lay out the Easter baskets for the E-bunny. Reminds me of stockings!!

  13. Cute pics. Jim is a total stud. I hate him. He's fast, good looking, and has a really hot wife (his words, not mine). The next time you see him kick him in the shins for me. Thanks.