Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Commit (verb): to obligate or pledge oneself.

I've been repeating this word to myself during my runs over the past week.
Commit to the distance.
Commit to the speed.
Commit to that damn hill that's rising up in front of you.  (Geez, could that thing be any steeper?!)

Because, when you're out there running (or biking, or swimming, or whatever), there are bound to be moments when you want to stop.  For me, there seems to be a lot of those moments.  But what's the point of being out there if I'm not going to just commit to it?  And, what I'm finding is that if I just decide that I'm committing to the run--the speed, the distance, that freakin' hill--it actually makes it a little easier, because I don't have to listen to that obnoxious internal struggle with myself any more.  I've already made the decision.  I'm committed.  Case closed.  So, one way or another, it's gonna happen.  Then I'm left to focus on the task at hand.

In other news, I went to my 'How to Teach Yoga to Kids' workshop on Saturday.  I got lots of good information and a great handbook that should be a good resource for next year.  It ought to be a real hoot trying to teach yoga to 3, 4 and 5-year-olds!  Ha!  But, the class served as a great reminder of how much I love yoga.  I love feeling limber and strong, and I love a good yoga push-up.  I remember falling flat on my chest when I first started trying to do "yoga push-ups".  Being able to finally do them with strong arms was probably my most proud yoga accomplishment, back when I was doing yoga on a regular basis.  Taking this class made me realize how much I miss yoga and want to get back to it.

Do you have a word or phrase that you use to get you through tough moments during your workouts (a 'mantra' perhaps?)

Most recently, I've been using 'commit' and--don't laugh--'beast'.  You know, like, "you're a beast, Lisa!!"

Do you allow yourself to have 'internal struggles' during your workouts, or do you immediately kick those thoughts to the curb?

Well, I'm starting to just kick them to the curb.  But, I've always been one to allow those thoughts to hang around and waste my time and energy.  No longer!!

Do you do yoga?  What kind?

My current yoga habits are very spotty, but I'd like to get back to being more consistent with it.  I love to take a good yoga class, but they're EXPENSIVE!  I used to do Ashtanga yoga which was really awesome.  I'd love to try hot yoga too.

By the way, I haven't given up on taking pictures, but my camera battery is dead and I can't seem to get it together enough to charge the dang thing!  Maybe tomorrow...


  1. I like the mantras!! I really like Beast! I like to use - You've Got this, or sometimes just Keep Moving Forward...I have to tell myself that when I want to quit. Just keep moving forward, even if I'm walking I'm still progressing.

    I think the yoga thing for kids will be fun. I told myself I was going to incorporate more yoga in my workouts and I've done it once :( I need to get back to that. I still have 5 "Groupon" visits at Zen Zone. I need to get over there!

  2. Great post! Love "commit!" Unfortunately, I spend a LOT of time on the "internal struggles." I keep hoping I will get stronger and the struggles will disappear. Good tunes help, but the internal voice is still louder. Some day....

  3. I have LOTS of "internal struggles". I have to mentally remind myself that it's not always easy, and not to give up.

  4. I think my very favorite time being gym helper for Thing 2's kindergarten gym class was the day they did yoga...beyond awesome!
    Like you I'm struggling with lack of commitment and am making deals with myself before I even start running that I won't walk no matter what. I've never had to do that before, hopefully my weak mental state will pass soon.
    My mantra lately is "More than enough". I heard a spectator say this at a race last fall and it really resonated.

  5. oh my gosh, I totally have those moments where I have to pump myself up through words of encouragement...I'll start telling myself "you got this, don't give up" and people can probably hear me if I end up shouting it over my iPod! Lol! Whoops!! anything to get us through the workout!!

  6. Mine is a quote from a Japanese poet poet named Kenji Miyazawa: We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

  7. Running is perhaps the one area I repeatedly allow negative thoughts prevent me from doing my best. You're right...time to stop that! I LOVE telling myself I'm a beast. If nothing else just to put a smile back on my face. I think I'm going to try the commit mantra too. :)

    I am SOO interested in teaching yoga to littles. i have re-started taking a yoga class and I LOVE it. I take the cheap class that my gym offers but it's still pretty great. My kids love learning the moves. :)

  8. I don't exactly remember where I heard this mantra but it totally fits me:
    "I may not be speedy, but I don't quit."

  9. I tell myself, "you've got this", and think that I can do anything for 5 more minutes. To get myself up a long hill at my last half marathon, I kept telling myself I could walk when I got to that mailbox, then I could walk when I got to that tree etc..Got myself up the long hill and didn't walk.
    I love bikram yoga! But I rarely get to it, cost, schedule and location.

  10. I am doing Ashtanga Yoga. Can it help me out in my back pain issue?
    -yoga certification

  11. I love moksha hot yoga. I also love a class my gym has called body flow which is yoga tai chi and pilates! :)

  12. I'm pretty sure you know my mantra. I freaking live it: you've. Freaking. Got. This. ;)

    Now on to the awesomeness of your post. I. Loved. This.

    Love the "commit". Love. It.

  13. Great post--commit is a great mantra, as is your other. I really don't use any, although sometimes think maybe I should!

    Love yoga--still don't do it as often as I should.