Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food, Glorious Food and P90x

I was way too tired to post anything last night, which is funny, because I didn't work yesterday or do any sort of run or workout.  I did, however, have to go outside in the FRIGID weather more than once.  That could have very well taken it out of me....seriously, it was painful cold yesterday.  Come on spring!!  I'm ready for some outdoor time...and so are my poor kids!

I did have a brief, joyful "warmer weather moment" yesterday when I discovered, at Costco, that the blackberries, blueberries and rasberries were all ripe and delicious!!  Yes, this is the kind of thing that really excites me.  So much so that I took pictures.  Behold...The Berries....

My little man and I scarfed down a pretty large amount of these upon our return from Costco.  He loves them with just a sprinkle of sugar.  I like them over vanilla yogurt.

It was, honestly, one of the highlights of my day.

Another food highlight yesterday was the cornbread we had for dinner.  I have been known to eat mass quantities of cornbread!  I love it.  I've found a brand of cornbread mix at Costco (do you see a theme developing here?) that is so delicious and doesn't have any crappy ingredients in it (ie. hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup).  It's made by Penguin Natural Foods, if you're curious.  So, here's the cornbread (this is really just for me, so I can stare at the picture and drool).  And, yes, I know how rediculously large the picture of the cornbread is, and that it doesn't even fit into the margins of the post.  I don't care.  That's how much I love it.

There is no cornbread left today...I had the last of it for breakfast...with more berries and yogurt!!  The Breakfast of Champions!

And, I finally got the opportunity to try the P90x cardio DVD today, because we had... guessed it...
(That's #9, if you're still counting!) 

So, today would have been a gym day for me, and I thought I might still be able to make it work out (no pun intended).  But, no such luck.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to try this thing for real.  So, here's my review (as if I'm the first person to review P90x, right?'s only been around for, like, ever...but, here's my assessment of it anyway) :

1. The guy (I can't remember his name...Tony?) who teaches it is pretty cheesy.  I kinda wished he would stop talking a few times.

2. I love that they use an Ashtanga yoga sun salutation sequence for the warm-up.  A loooong time (probably 10 years) ago I went to an Ashtanga yoga class on Saturday mornings that I really loved.  I've always wished I could find another one like it.  I thought I'd include a video of the sun salutation sequence, if you've never done it before and are interested in seeing how to do it.  Warning: If you decide to watch this video you should know that this dude is wacky flexible.  It might creep you out.  And, if you do watch it, make sure you watch to the end so you can see him virtually defy gravity as he jumps his feet back up to his hands after downward dog.  It is crazy.  I actually had to replay it just to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me.  No.  They were not.

3.  I enjoyed the intensity of the plyo and kickboxing portions.  It did get my heart rate up and get me sweating.

4.  I realized that my lower body is pretty strong (duh, from running), but my upper body could definitely use some more attention.  Again, I really like the yoga for this.  I love the movement of going from plank, to yoga push-up, to upward dog, to downward dog.  Great for arms.

5.  At the end, I felt like I got a pretty good workout.  Especially considering it was an at-home DVD workout.  But, it still didn't feel like the constant push of a run.  Maybe that's a good thing?

And, here's some photos of my cutie-patootie kids from the last few days...

This is Grace with her 100th Day of School sunglasses on.  That girl is always creating something!!

Here's the two of them watching a video together on the Lego website.  They didn't know I was taking their picture--didn't even budge after the flash went off!  They are great friends (most of the time).

And, here I am.  HA HA!  Weston has been really interested in taking pictures with our camera lately, so he took this picture of me before I did the P90x DVD.  I look ready to kick some butt, right?

I have a few more recipes that I want to share soon, including Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes (tonight's dinner!), Greek Dressing, New York-Style Pizza Sauce, and Three-Grain Breakfast Cereal with Walnuts and Dried Fruit.  So, stay tuned for those.

I'd love to know any of your favorite recipes or foods!

A note about the blog: As I get further into this blogging thing, I realize I'm using this blog for a few different purposes.  I'm trying to use it to keep friends and family up-to-date with what's going on with us, but I'm also trying to create a blog that perfect strangers want to check out too.  It seems a sort of strange balance.  I know I could do two separate blogs, but I don't think I have that kind of energy right now.  So, for now, I'll just hope it can serve both purposes and that people enjoy it the way it is.  Either way, I'm having fun...


  1. Thanks for the blog and the family pictures. The fact that my first comments on your blog happen when you post pictures of food is a coincidence. All the best from Florida. Bruce GUB

  2. Me and the hubby just started the P90X program too a few weeks ago! Plyo is def. the hardest one I have done so legs were sore for a few days!

  3. That's how I was at first too! I love reading your blog! You look TOUGH in that picture! :)

  4. Berries and vanilla yogurt is the staple dessert in our house....yum yum!

  5. Hi Lisa - thanks for stopping by my blog! You're right, I got some blueberries the other day at HyVee and they were awesome. If we go to the same and you see me, yank my earphones out and say hi! Best wishes!