Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was thinking to myself today that I haven't used this blog to express gratitude enough.  I believe that gratitude, having a thankful heart, provides a direct path to happiness.  I also believe that it's one way to send back out to the universe the good you've received, thereby contributing to the general balance of things.  So, as I was running in the chilly rain today (which was actually quite heavenly, and what got me thinking about what I'm grateful for), I started making a mental list of things that I've been grateful for today.  Here it is:

1.  Apple Butter.  Yes, that's right, apple butter.  There's a specific kind that I used to be able to find at my grocery store that hadn't been there for a long time.  Last time I was at the store, I found it again.  This morning, I had some on buttered (okay, Smart Balanced) whole-wheat toast, and it was delicious.  My daughter has also decided that she loves it on waffles.

2. The joy my daughter is getting out of her acting classes.  She loves going to them every Saturday morning and comes home excited about what they've done each time.  Her instructors are great and seem to genuinely enjoy the kids they teach.

3. Adult conversation.  There is something freshly wonderful about adult conversation when you've stayed at home with your kids for the past 7 1/2 years.  You come to appreciate it in a whole new way.  I was lucky enough to get to have some today.

4. A husband who recognizes and appreciates my hard mommy work and who says he owes me "lots of time to go to the gym" when things settle down at his work.  Mostly, I'm just grateful that he understands what makes me happy and is willing to support me in doing those things.

5. A neighbor and friend who calls me to go on runs.  It sure is nice to get those phone calls and to go on those runs.

6. Getting to run in the rain today.  Most of the time, if I looked out the window and saw that it was raining, I would just bag the run.  Luckily (thanks to my neighbor) I didn't do that today.  I forgot how great it was to run in the rain.  And, as I was enjoying my rain run, I started thinking "why don't I take my kids out to play in the rain??"  Why don't I just put their raincoats and rain boots on them and head outside to have fun?  I'll try to remember this the next time it rains.

7. I felt great on today's run.  My legs felt strong and my body felt happy to be out there.

8. Getting to see my kids wearing plastic grocery bags like wrestling singlets so they could slide faster down a pile of couch cushions.  Need I say more here?

9. A dinner of spaghetti with butter*, parmesan and fresh ground pepper and artichoke hearts sauteed in butter* and garlic.  My daughter would've eaten herself sick on the artichoke hearts if I'd let her.  They were really good.  *Smart Balance (it just sounds so much better to say butter)

What are you grateful for?

Do you like running in the rain?


  1. I love gratitude posts! So much to be thankful for. Good food from New Seasons, a great run today, happy healthy kids. My blog. You. Running in the rain gets old around these parts...the rain isn't a refreshing rain but more of a drizzling cold windy rain that doesn't stop. Oh, wait we are talking about gratitude so maybe I shouldn't go off about the rain. :)

  2. Apple butter is amazing. It's so great on bagels. Your kids sound like they are a blast. I should put raincoats on my kids more often too. I have been caught in the rain and loved those runs. My first and only long race (12.4) was in pouring terrential rain and I probably could have worked harder at enjoying that. :)

  3. Grateful for so much...a friend who will run with me in the rain and cold and not think I'm crazy!, great family, cupcakes...I could go on and on!

  4. I've never tried apple butter, but there's a little old lady that brings us fresh bread at work sometimes and she brings it with homemade apricot butter. I swear I could eat it by the spoonful.

    I love running in the rain too. :) It's so refreshing! It's not my favorite in the winter, but in the summer it's the BEST!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm following yours now. And wow, what a small world that we both live in Lees Summit. Great post! I am grateful for so many things.

  6. I am grateful for all the motivation and resources the internet provides! keeping everyone so close when we're all so far away. I don't mind running in the rain especially when there's a rainbow!

  7. I would probably skip a rainy run alone, but I really do love it. Add a running partner and it can't be beat:) I totally dig the gratitude post!

  8. Great list! Lots to be grateful for! I am loving #8! Ha ha!

    Glad you had a great rain run! I hate going out in the rain but once I'm running, I actually love it.

    So many thinks to be thankful for! I need to make a list and post it on my fridge to remind me I think!! Have a great day:)

  9. As a Londoner I can tell you that playing in the rain is underrated. When it rains as much as it does here, you just need to bundle up and get out there anyway. A few weeks ago I took Jacob and Olivia to the park on a lightly raining Sunday afternoon and there were at least three other families out there playing football and running around like us. You can't let it keep you indoors all the time. Oh, and I also enjoy running in the rain, as long as I have a hat!