Friday, February 25, 2011


As I sit slouch here on the couch in a
thin crust
~induced stupor,
I am positively giddy
thinking about my treadmill run
tomorrow morning.
There is much inspiration
to be found
on the
running blogosphere
(Plus, I had a beer, and I'm a total lightweight, so I might still be a little buzzed.)

A happy Friday night to all!


  1. ROFL! You make me laugh! And I'm totally impressed that you hit the gym on a Saturday when that place is a madhouse! Good for you!!! Enjoy your buzz and I hope you made it to bed early. :)

  2. Ha! I hear ya on beer. Oh beer and pizza! Yummy! Just what I would love right now after 4 repeat miles! wooo wee. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. You're a funny girl. Hope your run goes well today.

  4. BTW we are running the Oklahoma City half marathon on May 1. Rock the Parkway is supposed to be a pretty good race, but anything in downtown KC area is super hilly.