Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back at it...

After a four day unintentional break from running (sometimes life just gets busy) I re-acquainted myself with the treadmill yesterday.  I went back to the one with the up-in-your-face screen, since it seems to provide better shock absorption than the other kinds at the gym.  I'm willing to put up with the obnoxiously close screen to get less wear and tear on my joints. 

Plus, I can stare at the reflection of my own sweaty face the whole time I'm running, complete with it's pained
"please, dear God, let this be over" expression.

 That aside, yesterday's run went pretty well.  I was still sore from my ab/core workout on Saturday (getting up out of bed yesterday was interesting), so I was able to really feel how engaged my core was during my run.  It gave me a good perspective on how important the core muscles are for running.  (Mental note: keep working on strengthening your core.)  And, I'm please to say that, for the first time, I was able to pull out a 7:30 mile yesterday.  Wow.  I'm not really sure how some of you people are running sub-7's. Amazing.  At a 7:30 pace, I was basically at an

all-out sprint.

At least, that's what it felt like.  I mean, I don't think I've ever run that fast, unless I was trying to chase down my dog after she'd jumped the fence or something.  And I most definitely was not about to try another one yesterday.  One was plenty, thank you very much.  In fact, after I finished it, I took a few minutes to actually walk on the treadmill.  Haven't had to do that for a while.

To change the subject completely, I am really starting to look forward to spring and summer!!  Aside from just being ready for warmer weather, my neighbor/friend and I were talking yesterday about getting back to our Saturday morning long runs sometime in April.  I can.not.wait.  I've really been missing them.  And, on a mommy note, I've been making all kinds of plans in my head for this summer with my kids.  It's kind of a momentous summer for me, since my little guy will be heading off to kindergarten in the fall (*sniff*).  It feels like a really big crossroads for me--the end of my stay-at-home mommyhood.  Feels kind of like there will have to be a sort of "re-invention" of me, in a way.  (Am I getting too dramatic here?)

Well, in keeping with the mommy theme, here's something my kids love to get in their lunch...

Mini Cinnamon Rolls
1.  Use a rolling pin to flatten one or two pieces of bread, cutting off the crust with a pizza cutter.  As you can see, we use the kind of bread that has lots of seedy, nutty things in it.  I've tried to convince my kids that this is normal.  I think it's possible that I'm making them "those" kids.  You know the kids I'm talking about.  Example: A few months ago someone mentioned Twinkies, and my kids were like "what's a Twinkie?"  I felt proud but sort of like I'd failed them all at the same time...

2. Spread cream cheese or butter on the bread and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

3. Roll the bread up tightly.

4. Slice into "mini cinnamon rolls".

So, that's what's in my little girl's lunch box today.  We got the idea from a doll tea party book she has, with all kinds of recipes for doll-sized treats.

Will your running/training routine change significantly once warmer weather arrives?

Mommies: How have you dealt with your kiddos heading off to school?  And, what are your kids favorite lunchbox treats?


  1. I feel like I'm doing an all out sprint at about 9:30....I couldn't even get to under sub 8, much less 7 something. Great job!

  2. I don't have kids, but I'm thinking I might have to make those cinnamon rolls for myself!

    Good for you on instilling good eating habits into your little ones. A friend and I were just having this conversation Saturday over lunch. She said her 13-year-old son had a friend over the day before and he opened the cabinets and asked, "Where is your snack food?" She told him, "There's fruit in the refrigerator. You're not going to find a Little Debbie in this house." I want to be just like her when I grow up! :)

  3. What a cute idea for the cinnamon rolls! My kids favorite treat is a love note in their lunchbox :D

  4. Great job LIsa! This is awesome news on the 7:30 mile! I can't wait for warmer weather....outside here I come!!

  5. Lisa--this is awesome!! 7:30?! I'm so impressed!! Now I need to bust my ass a little harder. I have 11 seconds to shave off. :P

    My youngest heads off to the big K this fall too. So sad. I'm really looking forward to the nicer weather. I'm thankful that I can appreciate the treadmill for what it's done for me but my favorite runs whether fast or slow are always outdoors. :)

    I'm am going to have to recreate those mini cinis. My kids would gobble them up.

  6. Cute idea with the cinnamon rolls!

    My oldest is in kindergarten this year. I was a basket case from kindergarten screening (April) through about the second month of school. She, of course, didn't even look back!

    Way to go on the 7:30 mile! That is such an accomplishment!

  7. 7:30 is so awesome! i am in envy.
    i am waiting anxiously for warm weather...i get in a better mood.
    my twins will start kindergarten in the fall. sigh!

  8. I will most certainly be making the Mini Cinnamon Rolls!!! Mind if I share it on my blog?