Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Running Wish List and My Achin' Shins...

Seven and a half years of living on one income, so that I can stay home with our two kids, doesn't exactly make you rich.  Don't get me wrong, it's been worth it.  But, I can't lie, there's definitely things that I really want and just can't have right now.  That's just the trade-off.  And, now that I've gotten back into running, there's all kinds of things that I want.  Sometimes it makes me feel better to make a list of the things that I want and can not currently have.  You know, just put them out of my brain and into the universe in hopes that I won't feel like I want them quite as badly any more.  Sounds like shaky logic, but I'm still willing to give it a try.  So, here's my very own Running Wish List:

  1. A Garmin - I think I've mentioned that I think of myself as the last runner on earth without one.  (I know--boo hoo, wah, wah, wah.  This is fun already, right?)
  2. A Treadmill - Yeah, this is a pretty big long shot item, but it would be totally awesome to be able to go for a run right here in my own house, anytime I wanted to.  Check out the shear joy of receiving your very own treadmill HERE, when The Hungry Runner Girl received one from her husband for her birthday.  So cool!!
  3. A Camelback - I just read about how Jim from 50...after 40 uses one of these for pretty much all of his longer runs.  So smart.  You don't have to worry about planting water in a bush or circling back to your car or any of that nonsense.  You just have the water right there with you for the whole run!  Genius!
  4. Body Glide - Okay, I could probably pony up the $6.99 it costs to buy a stick of Body Glide, but it's my wish list and I'm puttin' EVERYTHING on it.
  5. A Gait Analysis - I would love for someone knowledgable on the subject to take a look at my form and give me some pointers on how I could improve it.  I'm thinking it's quite possible that one of my legs is significantly shorter than the other.  That, or one boob is weighing me down more than the other.
  6. Some new sports bras - (Speaking of boobs.)  I realize now that the sports bras I have are complete overkill in the compression/support department.  Yeah, after nursing two kids for a combined two and a half years, the ol' girls just ain't what they used to be.  So, believe it or not, I'd like to try something with LESS support.  I'm starting to worry that they're going to get compressed into something even smaller...
  7. Some good running tanks -  I do prefer a tank over a t-shirt when I run.  But, my 100% cotton Old Navy tank tops don't exactly qualify as good running apparel.  Not exactly moisture wicking.  I pretty much look like I dumped a bunch of water down my chest by the time I'm done running, and a cotton tank top can only get sweat in so many times before it just smells permanently nasty.
  8. More than one pair of running shoes - Yes, I'll admit it, I'm getting jealous of all you runners who have like 15 pairs (I'm exaggerating) of running shoes.  It would be so fun to try out a bunch of different kinds of running shoes! 
Alright, now the list is starting to get a little self-indulgent, so I'll stop.

What's on your Running Wish List?
Okay, so as the title of the post eludes to, my shins have started bothering me.  During the last few treadmill runs they've been really achy, and today when I was running behind my son who was riding his bike they were really really achy.  Hmmmm...poo.  Could this be the beginning of an actual running injury??  I sure as heck hope not.  I feel like I'm just starting to really get going on this running thing.  So, of course, I googled 'shin splint prevention' and came up with some good videos of some excercises to do to help prevent shin splints (which is, apparently, a pretty broad term applicable to any sort of pain in the shin area).  I did them IMMEDIATELY, in hopes that I'm catching this early...

(Insert cool video of heel walking and big toe raises from Runner's World here.  Apparently, I am not technologically savvy enough to figure out how to imbed the video on my blog.  After about 15 minutes of failed attempts, I gave up in a huff.)

So, what do you think?  Any advice on this issue?  Should I be taking it easy or laying off the treadmill for a bit? (By the way, I really want the answer to this to be NO.)
And, before I take my sleepy self to bed I'm wondering if you've ever been THIS tired??
I'd gotten my little guy a bath, wrapped him up in a towel, laid out his PJ's for him to put on and then went to get my daughter started on her bath.  I came back a few minutes later to find him crashed out, still in his towel.  Funny enough, this is NOT the first time this has happened!  When he's ready to sleep, he's ready to sleep!  I came in and snapped a few photos, flash and all, and he never even moved.  My husband came home from work and got him dressed in his PJ's and tucked him into bed, and he still never woke up!

Seriously sleepy...

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY!!  She is one year older, and 27 pounds lighter today than she was on this day last year!  I've promised to do a before/after post on my mom soon...


  1. Congrats to your mom. and what sweet pictures! i hear ya on the gait analysis. I've been doing some research tonight because i am just not feeling right in any shoe right now. :( My feet are bowing out almost. I need to find something that will work. I might just pay the money and get a good analysis. Shin splints (is that the right term? Ha, it's been so long) are common in new runners or runners that are starting back up after awhile off...I think...at least that is what my coach told me in high school when I got them really bad. I iced a ton!! ice ice ice.. make love to ice! :) Great wish list Lisa. I love my new Nike tank. I wore it tonight on my 7 miler at the gym. If my feet were not trying to jump off in every direction and make me look like a dang bird then I might have enjoyed my tank a bit more. Off to bed.

  2. OH, and go see nikki for an adjustment when you get a chance. A chiropractor is good thing for a runner! In my opinion. One leg is probably longer than the other...meaning you are probably misaligned. I feel the same way....almost like I'm going to fall over sometimes. :)

  3. Ice and ease off the running. I ice a lot and do non impact exercise for 3- 5 days depending on how I feel. It is the only thing that works for me.

  4. First, I have to say this is the first time in my blog readings that I've seen the word boob twice in one post :) I don't know why but it totally cracked me up. I love your running list and think some of those are essentials. I will say if you haven't checked out Target's line of running clothes for women they really offer quite a bit and of course at much more reasonable prices. Also, for a Garmin and treadmill - might check out Craig's List for a used one. Just some ideas that make these a little bit more budget friendly when the time is right. Your son is adorable....I so wish I could sleep that well. That would be nice. And I agree with the others above ice - and if you can put it in the budget a foam roller - about $20 at Target or Dick's. They are amazing and can stretch out all areas - esp good for the ITB. Jim and I couldn't live without ours.

  5. I completely agree with Amanda on seeing a Chiro- mine keeps me moving, no easy task! My legs are 2 completely different lengths which causes all kinds of chaos..
    LOVE the wishlist. I'm dying for my own treadmill and garmin too... And a new pair of shoes... And new running shorts... And SO many things!
    I was tired enough last night to fall asleep before dinner so I feel your kids pain.

  6. What a sweet boy!
    I've had shin splints forever! What finally helped? Stretching and foam rolling DAILY. When I really started paying attention to making sure my CALVES weren't tight...the shin splints started getting better, so if you have tight calves, that could actually be the trouble of the front of your legs as well.

  7. Love the pics of your boy!
    I don't have a Garmin either. or a camelback or a hydration belt... Just think of us as 'natural' or 'naked' runners ;)
    Shin splints stint and I don't think there's much you can do besides ice. Pretty sure it's fine to run through it- but it sucks. I agree with Julie- make sure you are stretching everything!

  8. I love the pictures of your son! I totally get how he feels. I'm borderline narcoleptic too. lol

    And FYI, when you get some technical tank tops, don't expect them to smell any better than your cotton ones!

  9. Precious photos of your son! The only thing I can think of as far as your shins, is maybe it is time for new shoes. That happened to me recently, and I got new shoes and the aches are gone! You are "supposed" to change out your shoes every 300-500 miles. I agree on checking out Target, even Walmart for cheap running clothes. Target has better stuff...just got a tech shirt for 9.99! AND capris for 19.99!

  10. I just can't stop laughing about the boobs! I just got a new sports bra and I think mine have officially inverted into my chest. hehe

    I could probably not wear a bra at all and be just dandy.

    I saved like crap for my Garmin. It was worth it and the best present I ever bought myself. I only have one dirty pair and one good pair of running shoes. I put on the dirt balls whenever I'm headed out on trails.

    I also used to have shin pain pretty bad but it went away. I didn't stop running but I have zero medical/pt background so if its still bothering you in a few days maybe get it checked out.

    LOVE the picture of your little guy. What a sweetheart. :) Congrats and Happy Birthday to your MOM!!!

  11. Love the list, Lisa! You do know you can borrow my Garmin any time we're not running together. It's really not that far across the lawn! Adorable pic of Weston, and congrats to your mom. That is fantastic!

  12. Oh how i have my wish list actually i have a post started with my wants and needs...yes i want a Garmin oh so badly! Need...New GOOD running shoes, sports bras and tanks too! Gonna check out TJ max soon! Oh and add a foam roller to your list...it is great!

    My running days are very limited. I've been jealous of how far you've come in such a short period of time. I continue to have set back after set back so make sure you take care of yourself and listen to your body. Stretching and warming up are key and i did little stretching and pretty much no warm up until my knee started hurting. Now i'm slow and steady but hope to get back on top of my game...soon!

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  14. I've been doing PT for several months now, in a running program. My calf muscles have quite a bit of damage from overuse. (I guess 16 years of soccer can do that.) Several great things have come from this. They do a gait analysis. Very interesting, and so cool! But, "relearning" how to run is hard. ;) Lots of grasston (think really, really deep, painful tissue massage). And help in getting the right fit in a shoe. Insurance has covered all of this. Might be worth asking your doctor about (if only to receive the gait analysis - lol).

    If shins continue to bother you, definitely lay off for a couple/few days. Ice, do the stretches, take anti-inflammatory meds. And take it seriously. All of the above has taken me out of the running stuff for several months. (Well, except the soccer. I can't quite give that up.) It sucks.

    Loving your blog, Lisa. Awesome to see you so passionate and devoted. And to think I knew you when... :)

  15. i want new shoes too...and i need better tank tops. i thought i was the only one wearing old navy