Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Shins (Band or Body Part?)

When I got on the treadmill yesterday, I was expecting the worst.  Nervous that my shins would really be hurting, I started out slower than usual, at around a 9:00 pace.  Fifteen minutes went by with no pain, so I sped up to my 8:34 pace and was able to keep that up for the rest of the run.  I was so dang relieved!!  I don't know if it was the Advil I took in the morning, using one of the newer screen-right-up-in-your-face treadmills, or taking those first 15 minutes to ease into my pace, but something worked.  Yippee!  So, I thought it only appropriate to include a song by, none other than, The Shins on my post.  The song is even called 'Phantom Limb'.  Thank goodness my shins felt kind of phantom-like yesterday.  With the pain pretty much non-existent, I almost forget they were even there...But, just to be on the safe, proactive side, I iced later that afternoon.  And, when I say "iced", I mean I lasted about 3 1/2 minutes with a gel ice pack on one leg and a bag of mixed vegetables on the other.  Clearly, I need to build up my tolerance.

My daughter took a picture of my "hard core" icing.  Can you see my pained expression?  My kids were pretty confused as to why I was putting frozen veggies on my legs.  The wanted to give it a shot.  They didn't last too long either.

I got another nice surprise yesterday afternoon.  When my mom showed up to give my daughter her piano lesson, she brought me this--
 (that's my son with his Dr. Seuss hat that he made at school yesterday for Dr. Seuss' birthday)

Thanks, mom!!  I can check that one off the Running Wish List now...I asked her if she could show up with a Garmin next time.  ha ha.

I've really been trying to pack in the veggies this week.  I was feeling inspired after reading Jenn's post about what she eats (her blog is called Running Sane, and she's an amazing athlete).  I've eaten a LOT of salad.  A LOT.  But, last night I roasted a bunch of vegetables, grilled some chicken and tossed them all together with bowtie pasta.  The kids and I topped it off with some feta cheese (my kids LOVE feta).

The veggies before roasting.

Is it weird to post a picture of grilled chicken?

Got feta?

Today has been a rest day for me.  No running.  Just hanging out with my little guy at the park (it is BEAUTIFUL here today).  While we were there, I ran into a friend that I haven't seen for a long time.  She's planning on running a 5K in May and said she's been reading my blog.  It is so fun to feel like your making a connection with so many different people and I've been struck by the all the positive energy this blogging thing is bringing into my life.  I'm feeling grateful for it.  But, last night, I laid off the blogging (reading and writing) so that my husband and I could just hang out and catch up on The Office and Community (freakin' funny, by the way).  As with everything, it's all about the balance, right?  I'm not always the best at this...

What things in your life do you find difficult to balance?


  1. I LOVE roasted veggies! And feta is the best. Good call :)

  2. Three things: The little guy's hat is awesome! Name brand veggie's stay colder longer. If me and feta were the last two people on earth ... I would starve! (but Michael loves it - boooooo!)

  3. Super glad to hear about a pain free run...i think it was due to starting out slow! Balance is a tricky one because i feel like i'm always just winging it. I've often times wondered how people who get into this blogging world keep up with the every day living! My house is usually what gets neglected and knowing a little about how you are...i wonder is your house neglected???

  4. I love that your kids eat roasted vegetables and feta - that's something most kids would totally hate. How nice of your mom to surprise you.

  5. You are too kind:)

    I am totally diggin' that bottom pic. Looks fabulous!!!!! So awesome your kids love Feta and eat roasted vegetables!

    I love the blogging too and it's been just awesome but when my hubby is actually around, I really try to stay completely away from the computer and just hang out with him!

    I'm feeling pretty balanced at the moment but I certainly have my struggles. My kids' hockey schedules are crazy and my husband and I are constantly trying to split our time equally between each child. I would like more family time and feel like their activities are stealing them from me at times. Constantly on the move and just not able to get my fix of cuddles on the couch....

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Keep icing with those frozen peas! Thanks for the plug!

  6. Nothing wrong with taking pictures of grilled chicken when it looks as tasty as yours!!!
    That dinner looks RIGHT up my alley! Deeelish!

    Right now I'm juggling a lot more than would be ideal for me-school, fulltime employment (legal research), 3 kids, relationship, blogging, training, etc. But I try to focus each day on what's most important and not stress if something isn't perfect or doesn't work out the way I would like. Ryan and I are still big believers in date nights to make special time for ourselves, too.

    Have a great weekend Lisa!